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This Kerouac-Inspired Journey Through Lost America Will Make You Want To Hit the Road

Dreamcatchers, cowboy hats, flannel shirts and nostalgia are all present in Theo Gosselin’s vagabondish journey through forgotten and mystical America. In 2012, this young photographer took a road trip from Harlem to Venice beach and truly captured the essence of free spirits running wild.

“My favorite subjects are the uninhibited young people who are my friends, photos taken from the inside, in the privacy of our travels together, our adventures, our evolution in this strange world. Love, friendships, and our appropriation of nature and the urban world. Young, free and immortal.”

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Matty Healy // Hove

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Yosemite National Park | by: { Griffin Lamb } - Follow on instagram

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Skagway, Alaska by cellophanesoul on Flickr.
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